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Terms & Conditions – New Zealand

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions 

By making an extended-stay reservation in a residence provided by Astra Apartments in New Zealand, via Astra NZ GP Limited or any of its subsidiaries, licensees or assignees (“Astra NZ”), you agree to all terms & conditions listed below.

Not an online accommodation provider

Astra NZ targets long term corporate executive residential stays in selected apartments (“residences”), preferably of three months or longer, however, limited shorter stays may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. These residences are not offered online as web-based accommodation services, rather, are negotiated directly via conventional sales channels with the business making the booking for a residence.

A “residence”, not a “serviced apartment” or a “hotel”

Astra NZ does not offer hotels or serviced apartments, instead we offer a principle residence in respect of which you are entitled to quiet enjoyment (as defined in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986), in the style of a “home away from home”. This is a residence as you might maintain it yourself, available for your extended stay in New Zealand, without the services and cost typical of a hotel or serviced apartment. We will help you find your way around and settle in to the residence and provide you with the local knowledge of a resident that you need for a comfortable stay.

A residential occupancy agreement, not a tenancy agreement

Astra NZ grants to the occupant a licence to occupy the accommodation on terms for the period. Other than as explicitly stated, this agreement does not and is not intended to create a residential tenancy agreement or sub-lease or any rights that attach to such an agreement as defined in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.


Cleaning, maintenance and management staff of Astra NZ only have the right to access the residence as agreed with you (e.g. for agreed cleaning or maintenance) or in an emergency. Under the requirement to maintain your “quiet enjoyment”, wherever possible, permission for Astra NZ staff to enter the residence will be sought in advance from the occupant.


Invoices must be paid by the due date. Failure to pay on time may lead to eviction with no notice period required. Bookings of duration longer than 1 month will be billed monthly in advance. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, direct debit, bank deposit, electronic funds transfer and cash. Payment by credit card and debit card attracts a 2.9% surcharge. If paying by credit card or debit card, you authorise Astra NZ to transact payments at monthly intervals following the initial payment.

Cancellations, postponements, delayed arrivals and early departures

72 hours’ notice of cancellation, postponements, delayed arrivals and early departures is required for all lengths of stay in order to avoid charges. Cancellations may attract an administration fee of NZ$150. Notice given within 72 hours will result in a charge equal to 72 hours minus the number of hours’ notice given. For example, if check-in is on midday 8th August and notice to cancel is given on midday 6th August, then 48 hours’ notice has been given and a charge of 1 night will therefore apply (72 hours less 48 hours’ notice given = 1 night’s charge). This condition also applies should a stay need to be reduced. If we subsequently take bookings that replace the cancelled dates, you will not be charged for those dates that are re-booked.

Extension to departure date

We will endeavour to accommodate any request for an extension to the length of stay in a particular residence. However, if there is a pre-existing booking in the residence it is not always possible. The earlier the request is made, the more likely that an extension will be granted.

Residence selection

All information and photographic material presented in promotional materials is indicative only and provided in good faith. It provides an indication of the style and standard of residence and might not represent the exact layout and furnishings of the residence you stay in. In case a residence becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, Astra NZ reserves the right to provide equivalent or an upgraded residence for the same rate.

Residence usage

Residences are to be used for quiet residential purposes only. You agree not to do or permit anything to be done in, upon or around the residence which if done or permitted to be done would constitute a breach of any of the conditions and restrictions of the body corporate or lease rules and regulations. Parties, functions, excessive noise and loud music are not permitted. The number of people occupying a residence must not exceed the number stated on the booking document. If behaviour contravenes these conditions, occupants will be asked to check out immediately and there will be no refund for early departure.

No smoking policy

All residences are non-smoking. Smoking inside the residences, buildings or complexes is strictly prohibited. A charge of NZ$250 for additional cleaning will be made to neutralise the effects of any smoking.

Cleaning and maintenance

Please treat the residence with respect and leave it in a reasonable condition. If a residence requires extraordinary additional cleaning on check out, any costs incurred will be charged (including such services as steam cleaning carpets, removal of excessive rubbish, removal or marks, or related activities). If you require a weekly cleaning service, you authorise the cleaners and maintenance staff to attend the residence between 9.00am and 5.00pm as agreed. Amenities are available on arrival but will not be refreshed as part of the cleaning service.

Damage and breakage

The occupant of a residence agrees to pay for any breakage, damage to or loss of any furniture, fittings, and/or equipment in the residence, its common areas and/or its contents and agrees to provide credit card details as payment for any such occurrence. This includes wind and rain damage if doors or windows are left open. We are not responsible for any damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle while in the garages or carparks provided with the residence.


You are required to insure your own contents. If we are required to claim on our insurance for damage caused by you or your visitors, you will be required to pay any excess or loss of no claims bonus on the policy.

Lockouts and loss of security cards and keys

In the event you lock yourself out of the residence, you will be charged NZ$150 to be let back in. If either security cards or keys are lost or damaged, you will be charged NZ$200 to replace them.


Unless otherwise instructed, please leave keys on the hooks provided in the residence and leave, closing the door locked behind you as you go.

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